Tilbury Lions Club

Lions Visitations

A number of years ago, the Tilbury Lions Club used to visit other clubs on a regular basis. Of note were our annual exchange of visits with the Arkona Lions Club and with the Northeast Detroit Friendship Club. Much fellowship was enjoyed in these visits.

In January of 2007, the club decided to re-embark on a renewed visitation schedule. There is a four fold purpose for this.

  1. to acquaint our members, especially the newer and younger ones, with other clubs, their procedures and functions, and to learn therefrom.
  2. to allow other clubs to know more about our club and our functions and how we operate.
  3. to have other clubs be aware of our upcoming 75th anniversary in 2009.
  4. to encourage more visitations among clubs in the district, as the exchange of fellowship among clubs appears to be dwindling.


The members who have visited have enjoyed the fellowship of the other clubs, have brought back ideas to our club and hopefully have imparted some ideas to the clubs visited.

We invite other clubs to contact us for either the purpose of visiting us or having us visit them. Feel free to contact our visitation chairmain at visitations@tilburylions.com